Nasser Tahmasab’s voice was immortalized on the Fatimi National Poetry Festival in Sayesar Tubi Neyriz. This reading was done in the last days of his life and was broadcasted on all media networks in the country. Tahmasab was 84 years old, actor and writer. Tubi Cultural Foundation is a popular-cultural institution and this year it is organizing the third Fatemi Poetry Festival in Niriz city.

  • Fatimi National Poetry Festival

    Fatimi National Poetry Festival

    The first poetry festival of Fatimi Tooba was held in 1400 in Niriz city

  • Fatimi National Poetry Festival

    The second Tooba festival

    The second poetry festival of Fatemi Tooba was held in the city of Neyriz with the presence of three thousand spectators

  • The third international Fatimi poetry festival

    The third Tooba festival

    The third national poetry festival in the shadow of Sar Tooba was held at the same time as the birth of Hazrat Fatemeh al-Zahra in 1402 with the presence of Shahram Shakiba, a powerful national presenter, and with the presence of more than two thousand people in the hall of the Islamic Azad University of Niriz city.

    The stages of making an inscription in the shadow of Sar Tobi

    The third national poetry festival was held saye sar Tooba with the wide acceptance of the people and the presence of the best ritual poets of the country.

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